6 May 2009

Ecoutez le chant des grenouilles

Tititititititiiiiiii.... keurôakeurôa! twoutwou? twoutwoutwou!

J'essaye seulement de retranscrire le chant des grenouilles entendu sur Arte Radio: Yannick Dauby, artiste sonore vivant à Taiwan, a enregistré quelques unes des 32 espèces de grenouilles présentes sur l'île... Petite symphonie batracienne pour se plonger dans la moiteur nocturne de Formose (j'ai l'impression que ça se passe la nuit mais j'ai peut-être tort)

"Brillants comme les yeux des grenouilles"

(image empruntée sur ce site: http://edu.ocac.gov.tw/biweekly/459/english4.htm)

5 May 2009

Local Power in a Time of Global Crisis

Premier Wen Jiabao announced at the Boao Forum that China stimulus packing plan is already paying off, though he added that the global recession has not been reversed yet. At eRenlai, we decided to reflect on another way of tackling the current economic turmoil starting with the revitalization of local powers. Local initiatives engineered by a strong local public sphere might actually foster the emergence of economic and politic experiments. Thus, we explore the vitality of local territories, taking Taipei County as our research field:

Watch videos on the impact of civil participation or introducing original measures such as the “Trash-Never-Touch” one.
The project of a Northern Taiwan metropolitan region may change the way Taipei county is presently governed.

Enlarging our perspective, Dave Feehan, President of the International Downtown Association (Washington D.C.) exposes in his Flash animation how flourishing downtowns enhance their surroundings. Also, Benoit Vermander reflects on the conditions upon which international events may contribute to urban development.

In our editorials section a new contributor, Nicolas Pagnier sent us his own text about consumption after reading the article An Economy of Parsimony. Also watch a Flash animation introducing Yangjie, a Taiwanese woman who takes care of orphans suffering from AIDS. And travel to Northern Vietnam with Guillaume Rosec’s photos of Hmong people.
Ahead of the first anniversary of the Sichuan earthquake (May 12), Liang Zhun shares with us her experience as volunteer in the devastated area and the human lessons to be drawn from this drama.*

We wish you a merry month of May!

* For those of yours who live in Shanghai: Liang Zhung will give a conference to introduce her book of pictures on the reconstruction process after the earthquake. This book is sponsored by ‘Lafarge Shui-On’.
Saturday May 16, 4pm at Sunbow Art Gallery, 3d floor, Building 0, 50 Moganshan Road (Tel. 62993931)
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