19 October 2009

eRenlai celebrates the Mid-Autumn Festival

Forget moon cakes this Mid-Autumn festival, for surprises that won't disappoint you take a bite into eRenlai and the latest fruits of the Taipei Ricci Institute.

Start with our new resource website Tale Image (http://www.tale-image.com/). Tale Image gathers tales and collections of pictures on people and places in the Chinese world, and offers you unique, ready to publish material on community leaders, spiritual experiences and creative social experiments in China, Taiwan and other parts of Asia. The website will be progressively enriched (with your contributions also, we hope) and aims at becoming a world-wide resource centre for a more narrative approach to developmental, cultural and spiritual issues. (For more information contact Cerise at cerise@erenlai.com).

For those of you with empty book shelves: the Taipei Ricci Institute is publishing 26volumes of primary Chinese sources (pre-1820's) from the National Library of France. They cover a wide range of subjects from history to edicts and memorials, from anatomy to biographies of the first missionaries and the first converts to Christianity in China. This publication is a unique collection and a testimony to the history of Chinese Christianity. The collection is now available at the eRenlai online store here, or you can contact riccitpe@seed.net.tw.

For this month’s Focus, an array of videos and articles provide you with a look into the fascinating culture of the little known Qiang minority group, deep in the mountains of Northwestern Sichuan. Spend a moment with the Wang family and learn how they are undertaking the reconstruction of their house following the 2008 earthquake. And witness the cultural revival that is accompanying such reconstruction work, through rituals, crafts and weaving.

In our editorial section, read about the history of Tushanwan Training Studio and Orphanage established in 1852 by Jesuit missionaries in Shanghai, be led on a stroll through Suzhou's sublime gardens by Benoit Vermander or wake yourself up with some Ersu chants filmed by Liang Zhun.
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