5 January 2010

Goodbye 2009. Hello 2010!

(Photo by F. Kersante)
We have now entered 2010, the last of the "Lost Decade" as it has been termed by the German weekly Der Spiegel. At eRenlai, we also ponder over the failures and the successes of the last ten years, and - despite the disappointment caused by the Copenhagen Summit - we are not so pessimistic. What about you? How would you evaluate the decade? Do not hesitate to share with us your reflections and your stories.

In our editorials section, Chu-Joe Hsia, an architect, explains the contribution of city-dwelling Aborigines to urban development in Taiwan, and Pinti shares a documentary shot during her visit to the Rukai tribe in Southern Taiwan. Also, we welcome a new member in our team -Paul Farrelly from Australia. Paul offers us his interpretation of the movie Avatar by James Cameron. As for myself, I examine the relation between drugs, addiction and literature.

Whilst A/H1N1 flu is still rife in the world, we dedicate this month’s Focus to the colloquium jointly organised with the French Institute for International Relations (IFRI) on the best practices for the management of global health outbreaks which was held on November 28 in Taipei. Watch video excerpts and read accounts of the debate led among academics, practitioners and civil servants:
- K.U. Menon exposes the Singapore experience in managing uncertainty in a pandemic.
Saifullah Khan shares his experience of health communication within a big pharmaceutical company.
- Steve Kuo, the Director of Centers for Disease Control in Taiwan, explains the strategies of communication with the Mass Media in order to strike the balance between alert and panic during a pandemic.
- Alain Vandersmissen, from the Directorate General of the External Relations for the European Commission, introduces the roles and limits of communication, in the context of global health crises in the European Union.
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